Institute of Global Prosperity
Pinnacle Quest International, Inc.

It has come to the attention of Remedies at Law that certain church ministerial trust managers are engaged in business practices in connection with an organization previously known as "The Institute of Global Prosperity " ((IGP). They are currently operating as "Pinnacle Quest International, Inc.". This is a matter of grave concern as the activities of IGP have been the subject of investigation by various state Attorney General offices across the nation.

IGP (, is an organization which promotes a way of doing business that has become increasingly popular. The services they list on their corporate web-site and marketing materials includes High Yield Investing, Wealth Creation & Preservation, Offshore Banking Strategies, Early Retirement, Privacy & Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Establishing & Structuring Trusts, IBC ’s, and LLC ’s and Tax Reduction Strategies. They promote a business opportunity, in their words, "that can easily create six figure income for anyone in their first year ". Trips to Cancun, Mexico and other perks and attractions to the lifestyle of the rich and famous is their hallmark but there is another side to the matter which warrants serious scrutiny. You can visit the following site to do some due diligence of your own:

IGP has been ordered to "Cease and Desist " in 8 states presently and is under investigation now in Washington as well. IGP promotes the concerns of government that are foreign to the church. The church promotes sound financial practices and integrity toward agreements. "Financial Principles for the Ministerial Trust", written by Glen Stoll of Remedies at Law is available for all managers of ministerial trusts. It is important to understand stewardship, remain debt free, show an increase, and be charitable. The church will not promote strategies or businesses that bring unjust losses to others.

It is our studied opinion and counsel that all church ministerial trusts not be involved with IGP and/or any newly formed businesses which are offshoots of or formed from the IGP business model. It is our official position that involvement in this organization or other organizations doing the same thing is not only dangerous but will likely lead to serious legal problems and in some cases, imprisonment. These groups do not share the focus and mission of church ministerial trusts and are, by their very nature, contrary and incompatible with the church.


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