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Administrative Church Counsel:


Occupation Without Secular Licentiousness

  • Constitution & By-laws for Fund Raising Projects, Trade Name Businesses, and Pure Trust Organizations
  • Private Contracting Agreements
  • Avoiding Excessive Taxation
  • Transportation and Communication

Property, Privacy, and Protection

  • Allodial Title to Land (Quiet Title)
  • Securing & Preserving Paramount Title
  • Striking, Releasing, and Reversing a Lien, Levy, Seizure, or Sale
  • Managing Covenant Communities

Healthy Family Relationships

  • Marriage Healing
  • Matrimonial Covenants
  • Obtaining School Records
  • Child Care, Custody, and Support

Dispute Resolution or Restitution

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Remedies at Law
9115 - 236th St. SW, Suite B
Edmonds, Washington 98026
(425) 673-7762
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Remedies at Law is a private law firm that was founded in 1988 as the Family Defense League. The Director and General Counsel of Remedies at Law maintains its nontaxable status as a “mandatory exception” consistent with 508 (c)(1)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code as an educational, religious corporation sole of the church, is not for profit, and has its charter on file with the Secretary of State in Oklahoma.

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